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Produced by the award-winning Four Seasons Productions, Healing the Mind was created to inspire our young adults to take charge of their own healing, and realize that they have the power, the capacity, to heal themselves from the mind afflictions that are so affecting our culture.


Through the speakers, the imagery, and the music, we take our viewers through a journey of education; educating them on how to begin this journey of healing the mind.  Ayurveda brings thousands of years of wisdom to creating a lifestyle that brings joy and satisfaction.  Western Psychiatry has tools that help you to begin this journey.  By synthesizing the two modalities, bringing East and West together, healing begins. 





Four Season’s mission is to produce films that challenge, provoke and inspire the viewer by addressing relevant and important content and framing it in a style that is uniquely our own.

We will continue to work to reach our broadest audience through both commercial and non-commercial channels; our films have been aired on public television, Discovery channel, Hallmark television.  They have screened at Film Festivals around the US and Europe and are utilized by educational institutions of all kinds around the US, Europe and Australia. 

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