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Beryl Bender Birch

author, “Power Yoga, “Yoga for Warriors”


The filmmakers, DJ Kadagian, a gifted researcher and renowned director, and his wife Debbie, a long standing yoga and ayurvedic practitioner bring their deep passion for health and vitality to life in this visually and educationally brilliant film, Healing the Mind. Tracing the seemingly divergent paths of Eastern ayurveda and Western psychiatry – from their origins in antiquity to their contributions to modern day integral medicine – the film brings the very different approach toward mental health of these two polarities into a relevant synthesis. The stunning beauty of the cinematography and the confluent visual flow of blending East and West serve to create a seamless emergence that blends the two methodologies into One thoroughly reasonable holistic approach.



Dr. Claudia Welch

author, “Balance Your Hormones, Balance Your Life”


With the frenetic pace of life, and modern beliefs about success, pleasure and pain, great numbers of us human beings are suffering from anxiety, depression and other mental disorders. And more of us than ever before are turning to pharmaceutical drugs to help us through this suffering, only to find that sometimes the side effects outweigh the benefits. Healing the Mind is a compassionate, balanced, and beautiful introduction to the possibilities of addressing the roots of much of our collective and individual suffering, using simple and profound tools of Ayurveda.



Dr. Sudha Prathikanti



I was impressed with how well the film summarized and synthesized the western and Ayurvedic approaches to psychiatry in such a relatively short timeframe. It's easy to over-emphasize the shortcoming of western psychiatry, but I thought the narration was quite balanced in this regard. And this was the best part for me: you stayed true to the higher vision of human nature embraced by Ayurveda, accurately presenting its deeper philosophical vision-- including  the notion of moksha--rather than focusing on more superficial notions of how Ayurveda and other "mind-body medicine" is just about the physical health benefits of "relaxation and stress relief."

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